Gloria Estefan, Street Artists Make Their Mark on Miami Marine Stadium

For decades, Miami Marine Stadium has served as an unofficial community center for pot-smoking kids, adrenaline-seeking skaters and street artists itching to express themselves. Almost anyone with a healthy disregard for chain link fences and "No Trespassing" signs has found their way into the graffiti-scrawled landmark on one weekend evening or another.

Today the modernist icon is crumbling, creepy, and cool as hell, but it may soon be safe for official visitors once again. If the Friends of Miami Marine Stadium and their biggest champ, Gloria Estefan, can raise $30 million by January, the waterfront gem may be shiny and new before too long.

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This Saturday, Estefan, the stadium's architect, 30 Miami Instagrammers, the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP), members of the media and nine hand-picked street artists gathered at the rainbow-hued arena for a day of exploration.

New Times was on scene for an inside look at the murals, both new and old, and of course, some face time with Queen Gloria herself. See it all for yourself in the photos below.

See also: More photos from Miami Marine Stadium's Gloria Estefan event

See also: More photos from Miami Marine Stadium's Gloria Estefan event

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