GlassLab Melts Our Glass Hearts

We mentioned Glass Lab, a Design Miami/ satellite exhibit, before, but we didn't know it was presented as a performance. Apparently it was one of the more popular features of the fair last year, and we can clearly (clearly ...because it is glass ...ha) see why. Glass makers from The Corning Museum of Glass team up to make glass work in collaboration with leading designers, live right on the spot. We saw Michele Oka Doner working with the pro's yesterday, and she seemed quite excited. Three "design performances" are scheduled for each day until Saturday at Oak Plaza, right across  from the Design Miami/ pavilion. Other designers include The Ladd Brothers, Tim Dubitsky, Harry Allen and Yves Behar. It's out on the streets, free, and one of the rare events during Basel week we'll you'll actually get to witness the creative process in action. We've got the schedule after the cut. We'll also have pictures of the completed works for you at the end of next week.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

Wednesday, December 3
11:00am-1:15pm Miami Design and Architecture Senior High
2:00pm-4:15pm Tim Dubitsky
5:00pm-7L15pm Guest Artist, TBA

Thursday, December 4
11:00am-1:15pm Michele Oka DOner
2:00pm-4:15pm Ladd Brothers
5:00pm-7:15pm Harry Allen

Friday, December 5
11:00am-1:15pm Yves Behar
2:00pm-4:15pm Ladd Brothers
5:00pm-7:15pm Tim Dubitsky

Saturday, December 6
11:00am-1:15pm Yves Behar
2:00pm-4:15 Michele Oka Doner
5:00pm-7:15pm Guest Artists, TBA

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