Glasiz Sunglasses Creator Jeremy Andre Talks Secret Formulas and Special Orders

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When it comes to sunglasses in Miami, they can tell a lot about who you are in the 305. Just ask 24-year-old Jeremy Andre the owner of Glasiz. While hipsters in the Magic City, are rocking Ray Ban wayfarers and the richy rich or wannabees for that matter are blocking sunlight with oversized Chanel and Tom Fords, you can find club goers at LIV and Nikki Beach decked out in Andre's designs. The South Beach transplant who was born and raised in the South of France launched his company last June. "I have always loved glasses. I got inspired by the Kanye West shutter glasses. I thought it was a genius Idea, but you couldn't really develop the product so I created a product that could show my own personality," said Andre.

That very product made me stop, stare and speak my special words of Spanglish admiration: "Ay que cute" at Miami Swim Week. I spotted the artsy made in Miami shades on two of his friends. One had on a floral number that I was totally goo goo for and the other amigo was holding a pair of Cookie Monster eyewear while donning a Jackson Pollack looking pair. Andre was a sponsor at the Poko Pano and Luli Fama runway shows and guests who got swag bags walked out with a pair of his elaborately decorated shades.

What types of genres/themes are your glasses available in?

Jeremy Andre: We have several collections, one of my favorite in particular is the Pop Art collection featuring some Warhol, Haring and Basquiat inspired designs. Also, the Get your Swag On collection is very popular, with "Swag" and "I love Haters." The Wild Life is for when you feel like an animal; we've got Leopard and Zebra print, for instance. And you can get totally retarded with the Charlie Sheen Limited Edition, with "Winning" and "DUH."

What's the price range for Glasiz?

Every pair of Glasiz costs $25 USD. Limited collection pairs such as the Charlie Sheen Edition cost $30 USD because of their limited availability.

Have any celebs worn your product?

Yes, Pitbull, Lil Kim, Lil Wayne, Tiesto and French rappers Booba and Rohff          

How do you get the images on the lenses to look so vivid without blocking the person's vision?

This is a secret formula. We don't typically explain how we make them.

Where can someone purchase your glasses?

Fly Boutique at 650 Lincoln Road and website www.glasiz.com features over 200 different Glasiz. We offer free shipping in the U.S.

What's the most popular pair you sell?

Probably the SWAG design and I Love House Music.

What's the strangest or funniest custom order request you've gotten?

We were asked to customize a "will you marry me" pair once. And after a few rounds of negotiations, they agreed to name their first kid Glasïz. Just kidding, it was a sweet request and we were happy to do it.

Is there a certain celebrity you'd love to see wearing your glasses?

Stevie Wonder, but he already wears glasses.

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