O, Miami raised $6,638.
O, Miami raised $6,638.
Monica McGivern

Twenty Thousand People Contributed $10 Million on Give Miami Day

Miami has a lousy reputation when it comes to civic pride and generosity.

Thursday belied that notion.

The Miami Foundation’s Give Miami Day set a fundraising record, making it one of the most active 24-hour charitable-giving events in the nation. According to the foundation, 20,413 donors gave $10.1 million to 695 local nonprofits.

The biggest winner was the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, which raised $507,123. Overall, Jewish groups did exceedingly well. The Beth David Congregation and the Gordon School gathered $210,000.

The Community Arts Program received the most individual gifts, 623, totaling $33,738.

Among large nonprofits, Planned Parenthood received an impressive 413 donations, worth $86,000. (Take that, you misogynist haters of women's health, like Donald Trump.)

The String Bag Project, which provides basic necessities such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and school supplies, garnered the greatest number of gifts among small nonprofits, 440, while Sunset Elementary PTA collected 290, second most. (Friends of North Beach Elementary raised a whopping $76,204, to top all school nonprofits.)

Give Miami Day, now in its sixth year, has raised more than $35.7 million for local organizations specializing in areas ranging from the arts to technology.

“Miami came through for our local nonprofits like never before,” says Javier Alberto Soto, president and CEO of the Miami Foundation. “It is inspiring.

To learn how other organizations fared, check out the Miami Foundation website's leaderboard.

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