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Gisele Bundchen and Eight Other Women Who Stand by Their Men

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Can we all stop hating on Gisele Bundchen? The lady has had a pretty stressful week. First she had to watch her husband, Tom Brady, completely choke in his starring role on the most-watched TV show of all time. Then she had to pretend she thought he did a really excellent job. Cameras captured her assuring him, "You played the best game of your life" -- without laughing. We shouldn't be condemning her; we should be awarding her the damn Oscar.

Besides, with her pro-Brady, anti-all-other-Patriots remarks, Gisele joins a long line of ladies who've stood by their men through extremely tough times. From their husbands' infidelities, addictions, and general asshattery, some girls have mastered the art of loyalty -- or at least the art of denial. So welcome to the Stand by Your Man Club, Gisele. Here's a look at your fellow members.

Callista Gingrich
It can't be easy being married to a power-hungry serial wife-dumper who wants to build you a dream house on the moon. It's probably why her eyes look like that.

Hillary Clinton
Next to JFK, Bill Clinton is the most flagrant womanizer in presidential history. You'd think that fact would earn Hillary a vote of sympathy. But you'd be wrong.

Nicole Kidman
She comes across as a real ice queen on the big screen, but husband Keith Urban credits Kidman with getting him off drugs. We guess the country music cliché is true: The love of a good woman can save you from anything. Yee-haw.

Tracy Pollan
You're expecting a joke about Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's disease here, aren't you? Man, you are a dick.

Peg Bundy
Every morning, Peg Bundy rolled out of bed, stuffed herself into some leopard-print spandex, and teased her hair into a gigantic bouffant, and for what? An alcoholic, crotch-grabbing, verbally abusive shoe salesman of a husband. That's rough.

Marge Simpson
Substitute a green strapless dress for the leopard-print spandex, and Marge Simpson could be the cartoon version of Peg Bundy. We bet they'd be BFFs if either one of them actually existed.

Sharon Osbourne
Sure, Sharon parlayed a little fame for herself out of her marriage to Ozzy. But after a long day of listening to two talentless hacks pass judgment on an unending stream of other talentless hacks, do you really think she wants to spend her free time riding the Crazy Train? (By "riding the Crazy Train," we of course mean, "trying to figure out what the hell Ozzy is saying.")

Eva Braun
Also known as Hitler's main squeeze. Godwin's Law FTW!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.