Gimme Some Love In

Being an also-ran from the Sixties British Invasion means you’re always going to be in the shadow of the established greats, but it has its perks. The Spencer Davis Group scored more than 10 Top 10 hits but faded after original singer Steve Winwood left to cement his legendary status elsewhere (Traffic? Blind Faith? “Higher Love”? Any of that ring a bell? How about the vocal on Erik Prydz’s “Call on Me”? Okay, there we go, Miami). Fortunately, Spencer Davis wasn’t the Steve Winwood Group; it was part of a genre that gets baby boomers harder than their Viagra.

Sure, the band can’t charge $300 for tickets like the Rolling Stones, or inspire Cirque du Soleil shows like the Beatles, but the Spencer Davis Group sure as hell can keep on rockin’ at municipally sponsored festivals at public parks. And rock they will today at the fifth annual Greynolds Love In at Greynolds Park. There’s fun for the kids too, like doing mushrooms (it’s a craft activity — come on!). Admission is free, but parking costs seven bucks. For more information, visit
Sun., May 18, 2008
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Kyle Munzenrieder

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