Giant Water Balloon Fight Planned at Tobacco Road: "It's Gonna Be Bananas"

In a city like Miami, where 100 percent humidity is par for the course, summer is all about getting wet. If we couldn't cool off with water sports, sprinkler systems, and backyard pools, we'd all be sizzling away like so many eggs on the sidewalk.

On Saturday, June 29, Tobacco Road is teaming up with Corona to host the ultimate cool off adventure, Waterloo -- "the water balloon fight that changed summer." Think 10,000 water balloons, 1,000 people, 40 tons of sand, and all the beer you can drink.

In a nutshell: EPIC.

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Every February, the bar hosts its annual Flying Tomato Smash & Bash, where thousands of people basically take an en masse tomato bath. It's messy, outrageous, and totally unforgettable -- and the folks behind Miami's oldest bar wanted to create a summertime event just as memorable.

"We'll turn the parking lot into war zone. Imagine like a battlefront, a line of water balloons on one side and a line on the other," says T-Road's DJ Oski. "We'll probably do the water balloon fight at 5 or 6 p.m. Everyone will set up, grab a balloon and throw them at the people on the other side of the lot. It'll be a lot like Waterloo with barricades in the front so people can duck down and throw."

This family-friendly event is free, and they'll feature tunes by Don Sha & The Lalibela Band. With the sand, the Coronas, and the reggae jams, it's basically a beach day in Brickell. Expect beer and drink specials, too.

If it goes well, Oski says they're likely to make it an annual event. Besides, what good is one of the most massive outdoor venues in Miami if you're not gonna put it to good use? Frankly, we can't imagine a better use than hoards of people getting wet, wild and buzzed.

"With the Hawaiian vibe, with the beach and the sand and the Waterloo, it's gonna be bananas!" he says.

Bananas. Or tomatoes. Or balloons. Whatever. If it's T-Road, we're pretty sure it'll be all kinds of amazing.

Waterloo is free of charge and runs from 3 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, June 29, at Tobacco Road, 626 S. Miami Ave.

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