Giant Lingerie Model Attacks Downtown Miami, Results in Borscht Film Win at Tribeca

It's only June, but it's already been a banner year for the filmmakers at Borscht. Last month, they showed a short film at Cannes  -- Day N Night Out, written by Tarell

Alvin McCraney and directed by Lucas Leyva. And one of their films

won second place at a contest at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. The

MoFilm competition judges short films centered on a particular

organization. Borscht chose the Seven Bar Association, a non-profit

that throws lingerie fashion shows to fundraise business loans for women.

Although it sounds like a righteous cause, Luca Leyva, who directed the film with Spencer Morin, admits

he was mostly excited to transform downtown Miami into a monster set that's

invaded by a 500-foot lingerie model. Local performance artist Jillian Mayer (seen

recently in Mrs.

Ms. in the Miami Made Weekend), who's also a real-life lingerie model,

plays the bra-clad femme who dwarfs Miami's skyline of condos and office towers.

Meanwhile the lead singer of Arfobeta,

Cristi Garcia, provides a supporting role as well as the short's

indie soundtrack. The

short, titled "500 Feet and Rising" after Leyva's favorite play 30

Stories and Rising by Miami playwright Marco Ramirez, was made in

under four days and for just $20, thanks to the donated time and skills

of friends.

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