Giant Alligator Infestation Takes Over the Freedom Tower During Art Basel

You might not know Italian gallery Ca' d'Oro by name, but if you were in Miami during Art Basel in 2010, you know its work. This was the gallery that brought the infamous giant pink snails to town.

And this year, they're adding even more enormous animals to their improbably colored zoo roster.

As part of the FOREVERGLADES exhibit, coinciding with Art Basel, the gallery is partnering with Miami Dade College to cover the Freedom Tower in giant sculptures of alligators and other creatures native to the Florida Everglades.

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The animals, which also include bullfrogs, insects and rabbits, were created by Cracking Art Group and William Sweetlove, the same folks who created the pink snails of two years ago.

On Friday, November 30, the rainbow-hued sculptures will be installed around and directly onto the sides of the Freedom Tower itself, adding yet another eye-catching public art project to a list that already contains an enormous, hotel-dwarfing dog who'll tell your fortune; a high-powered laser beam shooting five miles across the sky; and a 230-foot alligator swimming in Biscayne Bay.

The outdoor display will be paired with an exhibition of Everglades-themed art inside the Freedom Tower, featuring more work by Cracking Art Group and William Sweetlove. On opening day, the exhibit will host panel discussions on art and environmental activism, and a presentation by resident artists at Everglades Artist in Residence Program. Naturally, the focus is on increasing awareness of the environmental issues facing the 'Glades.

Visit for-everglades.com to learn more.

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