Giant 4,265-Foot Collective Artwork to Debut at Saturday's Wynwood Art Walk

Everything Red Bull does, it does big. From space jumps to Flugtags, they're all about the showmanship. And this Saturday, they're debuting one of their biggest (literally) projects to date -- a 4,265-foot long collective art project created by students across the globe. That's longer than the world's tallest building is high. Seriously.

You can check out the giant objet d'art at GAB Studio on Saturday night, free of charge. So grab a cocktail, walk the streets of Wynwood, and get to appreciating the magnitude of this massive project.

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Dubbed Red Bull Collective Art, the project is an evolution of the concept of "Cadavre Exquis." That fancy French term refers to a process in which each artist is able to see the end of what their predecessor contributed, and from that, creates their own piece.

The enormous work will be debuting at Wynwood's GAB Studio. Owner Bridges Aderhold heard from a friend that Red Bull was looking for a space. "I said yeah, absolutely. It sounds lke a really cool thing. I'm always trying to support the arts as much as I can," he told Cultist.

This project was geared toward college students all over the world, and allowed participants to sign up for a four hour time slot during which they could create their own personal masterpiece as a segment of the larger piece. More than 2,000 artists from 80 countries and 40 cities added their skills to the collaboration.

The final product is one of the largest collective works of art ever created. That took for some serious teamwork.

According to the folks at Red Bull, they created this project with Adobe as a partner for assistance with the technical aspects (2,000 pieces of art rolled into one is bound to require some major logistical skill).

The final product is sure to be, well, impressive. In true Red Bull style.

You can check out a portion of the piece for free at 105 NW 23rd Street (GAB Studios) on Saturday from 7 to 11 p.m.

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