Get 'Em While They're Hot: Artopia Tickets!

We all had that rich friend growing up, the one with an elevator in his house, a pet tiger, and the parents who rented a Ferris wheel for his birthday parties. Well, that spoiled brat is all grown up, and he keeps throwing outrageous soirees. This year, he's hired stone-faced models to stand on pillars every three feet, and he's created a mini Art Basel, right there in his home, where artists not only exhibit their work but where they paint on command to a live DJ. Anyone can show films at a party but this guy insisted on putting hired help in plastic bags and projecting movies right there on their stretched latex form. That's the kind of a party this will be. 'Cept it's not his party after all; it's the New Times Artopia event. And you're invited.

The Miami New Times is throwing an art-ridden bacchanal called Artopia, held this year in the spooky Freedom Tower on Thursday, February 11 from 7 to 11 p.m. Barefoot wines, Magic Hat beer, and rum cocktails will flow freely at this multi-room event where the lines between the entertainment and the entertained will blur.

The art assault begins from above as spandex men and women of the

Animate Objects Physical Theater drop down from the ceiling while

burlesquers from the Circ X troupe walk amongst you in the crowd. Human

statues will don clothing made from shower curtains, plastic bags, and

football leather--a Luis Valenzuela fashion line inspired by Artopia.

Artist Daniel Fila AKA Krave will be setting brush to canvas as a DJ

spins nearby. On the main stage, catch performances by Afrobeta, BFGF,

and Otto Von Schirach and his gaggle of dancing animals.

But we don't just suspend artists from ceilings and prance them

around for your amusement; we give them money. As part of festivities,

the New Times will hand out four $1,000 MasterMind grants to Miami

filmmakers, writers, and visual artists who we deem worthy of a

little fiscal encouragement. Read about the eight finalists here.

Come hold court with the Miami New Times at this year's Artopia on Thursday Feb. 11th from 7 to 11 p.m. at the Freedom Tower (600 Biscayne Blvd., Miami). Tickets cost $15 pre-sale or $20 at the door; buy them at newtimesartopia.com.

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