Get Drunk, Fight Cancer

Local musician Steven Guarin needs a bone marrow transplant. He has cancer and Medicaid won’t cover it, so his friends in the Miami music community are doing something about it. They’ve already received a $1,500 donation from Music Cares, the charity foundation set up by the Recording Academy, AKA the Grammys. Now they’re throwing Guarin a benefit concert to help raise the $10,000 he needs for the operation that will help him stay alive. Transit Lounge is donating the venue. !MAYDAY!, Suenalo, DJ Le Spam, and DJ Sharpsound are offering their musical talents. Artist Alex Yanes is donating the proceeds from the masterpiece he'll have on sale at the event. And all it will cost you is a measly ten bucks for a chance to enjoy the movement and help save a life.

Guarin plays bass and produces for the 2 AM, a talented group making down-South, experimental hip-hop that is forging a new sound reminiscent of Screw Music but with a decidedly Miami style. He has lymphoma, a cancer related to leukemia that is hard to fight but not impossible to beat. Do your part to make sure this disease won’t take one of our own.
Sat., April 25, 10 p.m., 2009
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Jacob Katel
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