Get Dirty with Style at Ria Michelle's Filthy Magic Online Boutique

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Shivon Ria-Michelle Acosta is the type of gal that walks into a room and makes heads swivel with her fashion ensembles. You find her in leopard print leggings, a bracelet jutting out with spikes, over-the-top Jeffrey Campbell boots and a floppy hat covering blue-streaked hair one day. Then, the next in an ethereal gown splashed with snake print looking every bit like a glam goddess.

The 24-year-old modelesque Trinidad transplant can't be pigeon holed into a style category because she's always experimenting based on her mood. The only thing you can be certain you won't catch her donning is jeans which she isn't a fan of. "I was goth in high school so sometimes a little of that creeps into my wardrobe, but I can also be really girly," said Acosta.

Besides being one of Miami's top fashion "it" girls, Acosta is also a

stylist, a fashion blogger for her own site and the owner of trendy online boutique Filthy Magic, which has become

the go-to-spot for Miami and gals globally looking for affordable

trendsetting pieces. The shop Acosta launched as a birthday present to

herself two years ago and it is stocked with garbs, shoes, and

accessories that have that New York edge mixed in with Acosta's personal


New Times: Why the name Filthy Magic?

Shivon Ria-Michelle Acosta: My boyfriend actually came up with the name,

but fashion to me is Filthy Magic. It's to an extreme extent filthy and

has an influencing power that can be seen as mysterious magic.

Tell me about the boutique and what do you specialize in carrying?

I choose everything that goes into Filthy Magic, so if you like my style

you'll probably like FM. Most of the clothing pieces are unique pieces

made in Korea. The accessories are usually American made.

What's your price range?

Anything from $10 to $300, most items are less than $100 though.

Who is your clientele age wise and style wise?

My clients are really diverse, with my old system I had customers input

their birth dates and it'd be anywhere from 16 to 40. I think there's

something for everyone, it's all in the way you style it.

What's one must have item in your boutique that would be an investment item for fall and why?

The Soft Safari Jacket is definitely a great investment piece for early fall with it's colorblocking.

Are there plans of opening a brick and mortar location or bringing in new brands?

I have no plans on opening a brick & mortar shop just yet but I

would like to in the future. Currently, I'm focusing on stocking quality

products and trying to bring in new brands.

You also work as a stylist tell me about that and does that help you with selecting items for your store?

Yes, I do freelance styling work for magazines and individuals. I think

being a stylist helps with selecting items, I know what people need in

their wardrobe as well as the trendy pieces that they're going to want.

If a model needs to put together a look for a shoot, they might call me

and I provide them with clothing, shoes, and accessories for the shoot.


It seems like you wear a lot of hats when it comes to fashion. What's

your favorite and is there something you want to pursue that you haven't

already done yet like maybe design a line?

I do, I'm fully immersed. I like styling, it just is very intensive

because I have to stop everything else to do it. The blog and the store I

can do together. It's a joint effort, but styling needs focus. Everyone

asks me if I'll eventually design a line, at this time I have no

interest in designing myself, but who knows that may change.

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