Genaro Ambrosino, Early Art Basel Pioneer, Returns With New Gallery General Audience Presents

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Who are some of the artists you plan to work with, and are any of them local?

Our program is very "relaxed" so to speak. We have only scheduled four projects for the first season, one of which is of a "local", William Cordova, whose installation "yawar mallku: look 4 me in the whirlwind" opening during Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 will mark his return to exhibiting individually since his show at MOCA years back. 
We intentionally left a few empty weeks in between shows so we can fill them with happenings, performances, video, one-day or short length installations by local artists, you name it. I believe the space has to be malleable and needs to generate its own life; and we will be there to encourage it. I am sure we will be receiving proposals and we will carefully consider them and chose the ones that we consider fit the mission. For me one thing is absolutely imperative: I have to have fun doing this, otherwise there is no point in "coming back."

What is the core philosophy behind your programming?
Hhmmm... I can't speak for Lissette, but I am interested in exhibiting artists whose work has a message that I find relevant and that is both visually and intellectually stimulating.

Do you have plans for a Basel project?

Just the William Cordova installation.

Tell us about the artist in your inaugural show.

The artist with whom we open the space is Derrick Adams. 
He is a true multi-disciplinary artist from NYC who taps into his local cityscape for inspiration. He fuses urban textures and human iconography to create a series of hybrid works that I find fascinating. Derrick has a very solid body of work, both performative and more "conventional" bi/tri-dimensional that has been exhibited at MoMA PS1, PERFORMA 05, Brooklyn Museum, Jack Tilton, The Kitchen NYC, Studio Museum in Harlem, and (BAM) Brooklyn Academy of Music. He was also a recipient of a 2009 Louis Comfort Tiffany Award and an honored finalist for the 2011 William H. Johnson Prize. He is not totally unknown to Miami because he also did a Fountainhead residency, but this will be his first show in town.

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