Genaro Ambrosino, Early Art Basel Pioneer, Returns With New Gallery General Audience Presents

After nearly five years on hiatus, Venezuelan dealer Genaro Ambrosino has returned to the Miami arts scene. Ambrosino, who was one of select few locals who made the cut at the Miami Beach Convention Center during early editions of Art Basel Miami Beach, is opening General Audience Presents together with Lissette Garcia, a local art advisor and independent curator, near the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami.

General Audience Presents joins indie spaces Bridge Red Studios/Project Space and Under The Bridge, in a neighborhood that's becoming noted for its alt art vibe.

Ambrosino's new project space plans to traffic in "thoughtfully curated exhibits that encourage a discourse between emerging and mid-career artists and the local arts community," he says.

Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. "Architectural Archetypes," GAP's inaugural exhibit, features work by multidisciplinary New York-based artist Derrick Adams, the artist's South Florida solo debut.

We spoke to Ambrosino about his return, the new space, and what's next.

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Carlos Suarez De Jesus