Geeks Get Their Party on at Florida Supercon (Videos)

If we only knew that comic cons were such a hotbed of debauchery and Animal House style antics, we'd have taken our Darth Vader helmet "out of the closet" years ago.

Seriously though, when we read that the Florida Supercon was open until 3 a.m., we thought it was a misprint. Then, we thought -- what the hell goes on at a comic con in the middle of the night? So we donned a Batman T-shirt and one of those floppy, camouflage boonie hats, and infiltrated the con. What we found was much to our surprise.

People everywhere were getting it on -- their karaoke, their gaming, and their raving. Yes, there was a full-on rave at the Florida Supercon. These videos and photos are your behind the scenes look at the Supercon After Hours.

To give credit where credit is due though, we gotta say, that this may just be exclusive to the Florida Supercon. We've been to other comic cons and nothing compared to this:

"Drink, you little bitch! Drink!" 

Here is an inside look at the rave. Be glad that all you see are glow sticks and lightsabers.

FSC ends today at the Miami Airport Convention Center (711 NW 72nd Ave., Miami).Call 954-399-1330 or visit floridasupercon.com.

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