Gallery Girls' Angela Pham on Art Basel, Miami Stereotypes, and Liz and Amy's "Blonde Drama"

Tonight, we say goodbye to Gallery Girls. It's show we love to hate to secretly really love. (If our alma mater finds out we're fans, we're pretty sure they'll take back our diploma.)

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For us, the show, featuring seven art-loving ladies trying to conquer New York City's creative side, was all about Miami girls Amy Poliakoff and Liz Margulies. But Angela Pham -- she of the bird-inspired couture, the iPhone snobbery, and the pop-up gallery at Cafeina during Art Basel last year -- is in close contention for the title of Most Entertaining Gallery Girl, Non-Miami Division.

When we called her up, she was quick to divulge her thoughts on everything from the Miami art scene to why she thinks Magic City girls are a bunch of spoiled brats.

Cultist: We just saw you ladies take Miami. What do you think of our town?
Angela Pham: I love it. I had that idea of what Miami was and it actually surpassed it. It's so different than New York. I am actually from California and they don't even compare. Vibrant colors; I mean, I just love it there.

Well, the real question is, did you ladies have fun?
It's hard for me not to have fun there. I usually always go down for Basel and just came down for South Beach Food and Wine Festival. I mean, you cant not have fun in Miami during those times. It's the perfect excuse to get out of New York.

Art Basel: Love it or Leave It?
I don't think I can name one artist that I saw. Art Basel to me is less about art and more about the jetsetter lifestyle. I mean, I don't go for the art. I have been going for the last two years for the parties. It's the place to be.

How would you say your event at Cafeina went?
I wouldn't say the event was amazing or anything. I wanted to give the trip purpose and it definitely did. I wanted to show off my photographs and End of Century wanted to give people a little taste of what their store is all about. I mean, I can say I did something at Basel instead of getting wasted every night.

It seemed that it brought the Brooklyn and Manhattan girls together.
I would say so. We got to see a more personal side of Liz and Amy, especially. We got to see Liz's dad's gallery, meet her friends, and then with Amy, we went to her house and [saw] how she grew up. We were quick to judge when we first met them. In their hometown, we saw their roots.

Just when I thought I hated Amy, last week's episode changed my mind. What are your thoughts on Miss Poliakoff?
She is a very simple human being. I can't see her being manipulative. She's very sweet. Maybe a little naïve, but she is a good person.

And Liz?
They have a long history. I really just talk to Chantal and Claudia. I don't get involved in the blonde drama.

What is the difference between a Miami girl and a New York girl?
I am from Orange County, so I think I am pretty familiar with that type of person. You have a car, you get your nails done every week, you go to parties, your parents are paying for everything. I am not judging, that is how I grew up. You are just comfortable.

Are you still hustling at your waitressing job?
I am proud to say I have officially left my waitressing job. I'm freelancing a lot more. I am heading to Paris to shoot their fashion week. Freelancing is still a hustle though.

I can imagine Gallery Girls has landed you some more gigs.
I wouldn't say the show has helped me get more jobs. I would say people recognize me more when I am out and about shooting. But I was pretty established before the show. Gallery Girls began when I was starting to work a lot more.

Do you ever watch an episode and think, "Why did I do this?"
I don't regret it. Even if it is bad, it's a chapter in my autobiography. I like having people notice me; its fun. They will forget me in like a month, but for now, its fun.

Who is Angela Pham on the show?
I don't really give a fuck, but at the same time, I really care what everyone thinks. You meet me as I am just kind of trying to find myself with modeling, photography, dating, finding a job.

Both of your parents doctors. What do they think of the show?
I told my mom not to watch, so she hasn't. I knew she would be really disappointed. My dad has seen it, but we just don't discuss it. That is what Asian parents do. We just sweep things under the rug and act like they didn't happen.

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