Gabriel Iglesias on Miami, Magic Mike, and All That Co-Star Amanda Bynes

Gabriel Iglesias has made a career out of a very simple, self-mocking nickname: Fluffy. Fans and celebrities alike yell it at him in the oddest moments. "Fluffy", a 1940s euphemistic reference for fat, is now so associated with Iglesias that even his Magic Mike co-star Channing Tatum yelled it at him on their first phone call, he says.

For Iglesias, who performs at Stage 305 this Saturday, the rise to fame wasn't exactly an easy path. Iglesias' narrative includes eviction and a car being impounded, all due to sacrificing everything for a career in comedy. But Iglesias' comedy, which includes squeaky high voices, a smooth storytelling style, and sound effects that would make Police Academy's Michael Winslow jealous, never pushes too far into the realm of the inappropriate, like fellow comics Daniel Tosh or Anthony Jeselnik. While he may touch on topics like race, Iglesias has always managed a relatively family-friendly brand of comedy (he did have a role on Nickelodeon's All That), probably a good explanation for his success.

We shot some questions over to "Fluffy" himself about the pressure of maintaining his weight, moves he learned on the set of Magic Mike, and his time acting alongside Amanda Bynes, all of which he answered in curt caps-lock one liners. Sans the caps, here's what he had to say.

New Times: After playing Tobias in Magic Mike, did you bring any of the other actor's "moves" back home for your girlfriend?

Gabriel Iglesias: I got to keep the clothes and the goatee. She let me keep the goatee. As for "moves," I got her to drink some "hey juice."

You've really invested a lot in your euphemistic nickname "Fluffy." Do you ever worry what'll happen if you decide to lose weight and what it'll mean for the nickname you've invested in so much?

I lift weights. People will call me Buffy.

As a Californian Latino with Mexican heritage, what's the biggest difference you notice when you come to Miami, a predominately Cuban/South American community?

Tequila vs. coffee. Next question.

When you were on All That, which co-starred Amanda Bynes, could you already tell she was a crazy person?

She was all over the place back then. She was not allowed to have a full childhood. They worked her hard.

Having the nickname "Fluffy" means anyone that recognizes you can give you a hug, right?

I hugged two people during this interview.

Magic City Concerts presents Gabriel Iglesias this Saturday, August 17, at 8 p.m. at Stage 305. Visit or call 888-566-68448.

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