GAB Studio Celebrates Three Years in Wynwood With Sunshine Jones, Gastropod

Leather is the traditional gift for a three-year anniversary. But you don't have to go shopping at Exxxotica's fetishwear stalls to give GAB Studio owner and artist Bridges Aderhold what he wants for his gallery's celebration of three years in business.

All he wants is for you to party with him this Saturday.

The art space is holding an all-day party May 19, complete with music, food trucks, happy hour specials, and booze on sale for charity. Aderhold told us this party isn't just about GAB Studio -- it's about the success of Wynwood as a whole.

Cultist: Happy three years! How has GAB Studio changed in the time it's been open?
Aderhold: It's changed from the original Locust Projects buiding. From what I've seen, the change of the building, and the change of the neighborhood, has been incredible. Crime rates are down, more businesses are moving in here. There's definitely a change in Miami on the fact of having more culture, y'know?

So this celebration is about more than just your own gallery.
It's not just me. It's everything going on here. It's a lot about the people involved with it, and all the artists who've been through here, people who've commented on the place, changed the place, held an event here, even just been through the gallery -- it's been amazing. To see a change of people, and also see the same people keep coming back, is really fun.

Tell me about Sunshine Jones, who's headlining your party.
Sunshine Jones was in a group called Dubtribe Sound System. Dubtribe is a group that was big; they do dubstep, but really soulful. They sing as well as use different electronic instruments. They were big in the late '90s, and they just put out a new album.

I saw the Gastropod food truck will be there, too. Someone told me you guys are brothers...?
Ha, no. Somehow people think we're brothers. My mom's even like, "Who are you?" But we're good friends. I met him through the gallery.

What else can people expect on Saturday?
We have three local bands -- Tamboka, The State Of, and Cog Nomen. They're very different bands with different rhythms. There'll be a full liquor bar that night with proceeds going to oceanfund.org. It's an organization ... that creates sculptures, and then they're put in the water to save our reefs. So it's artificial reefs through art. From 4 to 6 p.m. we'll have a happy hour where there'll be $2 PBR and two-for-one drinks. Cog Nomen will go on at 8 p.m., then Tamboca and The State Of. And my brother, who they call DJ Captain Rediculous, will open for Sunshine Jones. It'll be good music, good people, a family event.

GAB Studio's three-year anniversary party kicks off at 4 p.m. Saturday, May 19. Admission is free. Visit gabstudio.com.

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