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If you're an avid viewer of Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, you already know the name Lewis Black. Wednesday night's Back in Black segments feature his apoplectic musings on subjects as varied as the merits of monkeys, the mysterious beverage Clamato, and the failings of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and even God. Currently on the road with perpetually sleep-deprived funnyman Dave Attell (and perpetually weird special guest Mitch Hedberg) in the Comedy Central Live tour, which lands in Miami Beach this Friday, Lewis made a 24-hour pit stop at his New York City home and got topical on the phone with New Times.

New Times: Have you ever been to Miami?

Lewis Black: I've been there a few times. I performed at the Improv. My rental car was stolen. It was one of the reasons I didn't race back.

Since you've been to Florida, what do you think of the governor intervening on behalf of this woman who's been in a vegetative state for thirteen years?

The husband took it [the feeding tube] out but the governor of the state wants it back in? Does Jeb know something we don't know? On the basis of that then, cryogenics makes sense. Freezing Ted Williams was a good idea.

Speaking of baseball, let's talk about the World Series: Are you a baseball fan?

I am, but I don't really like the Yankees and the Marlins beat the Cubs, which is a sin in the eyes of God, I think. I basically root for anyone that will beat the Yankees.

What about the U.N.: Should we stay or go?

Whether you like it or not, you have to stay. For a group of idiots who believe in democracy, when it comes to really a democratic world, we're a bunch of whiners. It's unbelievable.... We have not been a country that long to carry around the kind of arrogance we do.

Let's talk a little bit about President Bush: What's your take on him?

The thing that scares me the most about him, and always has, and why I find him disturbing is that a lot of the times the expression on his face does not match the words that he's saying. And I still believe he would have made an excellent Elks Club president. I don't know where people get this thought in their heads that somehow they find him to be a good leader. That I find staggering.

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