Fringe Projects Curator Amanda Sanfilippo Talks the Future of Public Art in Miami

Amanda Sanfilippo is one of the younger curatorial voices working in Miami today. Trained in the Northeast and London's Sotheby's Institute of Art, she's had experience working in both places and has been rising through the Miami art ranks through Legal Art and now with Locust Projects. Sanfilippo's attitude towards art is a blend of academic knowledge, community/spatial relation and appreciation for the contemporary.

That she manages to filter all of that into a cohesive explanation without suffering the pedantic nature most purveyors of conceptual work harbor is her strongest asset, and one she uses when developing and curating work like that of Fringe Projects in downtown Miami. Part of the 2014's DWNTWN Art Days this month, Fringe featured six public site-specific projects by selected artists.

In her short time working in South Florida, she has managed to find the city's voice and has proven that art's greatest gift lies within its availability for all and not the elite few.

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Abel Folgar