FriendsWithYou and Christy Gast's Video Art Screens at Gansevoort's Louis Bar

Tonight, at one of Miami Beach's slickest bars, it's the last call for the Miami Art Museum's New Work Miami (NWM) 2010. The Gansevoort South's decadent nightspot Louis will host MAM's special preview of experimental video artworks by 12 Miami artists.

There'll be videos from Sam Borkson & Bert Rodriguez (Rodriguez is fresh from a lecture at the University of Washington's Henry Art Gallery), FriendsWithYou (who recently gave the 305 a severe case of "Dadarhea" at the OHWOW Gallery), and Christy Gast (a busy bee, indeed, who lectured at MOCA's "Spotlight" last Wednesday night with University of Wynwood's P. Scott Cunningham and Borscht's Lucas Leyva), to name a few. Expect to see lots of Second Saturday fiends out for their next counter-culture fix as well as the usual faces from the Miami art scene, tallying up another event on their calendar.

All things considered, it will be the social soiree to lure folks in for

the closing weekend exhibition at the museum downtown. There, on

October 16 and 17, the entire video compilation will be screened and

audio senses will be tickled (as always) by the fascinating Talking Head

Transmitters broadcasting live over AM radio discussing curatorial

practice. (This is where the hardcore art geeks push through even the

keenest art-world-socialites).

In any case, the preview screening and free booze happens tomorrow

night at Louis at Gavensvoort Hotel (2377 Collins Ave., Miami Beach)

from 9:30 p.m. to midnight. Screening begins at 10pm. Admission is free

for MAM members free and $15 for non-members. Complimentary vodka

cocktails until midnight. Contact or call

305-375-1704. Visit

--Shana Mason

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