Friends With You's Adorable New Dating Site Ad

Riptide knows we give Romero Britto a lot of crap for regularly shilling out his artistic aesthetic to the highest corporate bidder while we continue to heap love on local art collective Friends With You even though they don't exactly shy away from collaborating with corporations. But at least they make the effort of keeping their commercial work distinct from their fine artwork. Plus it's totally hard to be critical when your brain has melted out of your skull from the sheer adorableness of the results.

Friends With You Studios teamed up with ad agency US Sydney and Match.com for a new commercial set in a wonderland where animals, foodstuffs, and inanimate objects have all found their perfect matches: a strawberry and cream, a rabbit and a top hat, and a robin and a bat. (Get it? It took us awhile.) Meanwhile, poor Mr. Carrot and Ms. Pea travel the city alone, barely missing each other. Will they log in to Match.com to find love? Good Lord, we hope so.

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