Fresh Meat

People wondering when the next homegrown art star will be minted usually cast their peepers at Miami’s New World School of the Arts for its impressive record of producing bumper crops of fresh local talent. Mind you, NWSA is not one of those dippy art school chorizo factories cranking out flavor-of-the-day creative types like so many casings of linked sausage. Instead, the school regularly graduates creative types who have gone on to earn top-drawer gallery representation, dazzle the Basel art world glitterati, and open their own spaces while spicing up local culture. If you’re hankering to sink into a meaty helping of talent simmering in our city, check out “Young Blood: So Fresh,” a savory group show featuring 21 NWSA grads making their mark in Miami. The exhibit, organized by alumni, is now in its fourth annual edition and is on view at Flagler Arts Space, a spot recently opened by the school’s graduates. On display are Aemi Thorne’s discomfiting Untitled (Crab) — a mixed-media marvel that looks not unlike a mutant crustacean, a bearskin rug, and a ramshackle doghouse churned out of a trash compactor. Devin U. Caserta plays nice with four-legged critters while weighing in with Family, a sensational charcoal drawing of a clan of plush toy bunnies. Make an appointment to see “Young Blood” this Monday by emailing flaglerartsspace@gmail.com.
Aug. 29-Sept. 12, 4 p.m., 2011

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