Utah #NPSUMMIT where members from all 26 cities bodysurfed Dean Karnazes.
Utah #NPSUMMIT where members from all 26 cities bodysurfed Dean Karnazes.

Free Fitness Flash Mob Coming to Downtown Miami Tomorrow

Sometimes it seems like working out is only for Star Island residents and the Instagram famous. After all, Lululemon gear, a daily personal training sesh, and the hottest fitness trackers don't come cheap. Fitness admirers, rejoice, because November Project is coming to Miami and is all about getting the masses to sweat.

The fitness flash mob of sorts, which started in Boston, is now popping up in cities across the U.S., encouraging participants of all ages and shapes to move their bods. Often, hundreds of people show up for each event, which can include everything from wall sits to planks to spray painting clothing. 

"November Project is a grassroots, free, weatherproof, fitness movement that began in Boston with just two guys and is now taking over the world with 27 tribes throughout North America," says co-founder Brogan Graham. Silly, awkward moments reign supreme with November Project. There's screaming, profanity, and so many high fives among the "tribe" members. 

The Miami pop-up starts at 6:29 a.m., which seems like an incredibly early start time for a city that likes to sleep in. But, organizers are serious about the hour — this group doesn't run on island time.

"Newbies can expect to meet tons of new friends, smile a lot, and be on their way after less than one hour of work," Graham explains. "Running, stairs, body weight exercises, and a constant dose of something funny will be on the agenda for tomorrow morning." Sounds like an ideal way to get that morning exercise in before work. 

Anyone and everyone is invited, and it's totally free. So what to wear? Probably leave the fancy workout gear at home. On the advice of the invite: "Pretty much nothing (Miami is warm). If you do bring a blank shirt and have time to chill after the workout, we will be tagging our iconic NP logo on the chest for those who complete the workout."

November Project
The workout starts on Wednesday, December 9, at 6:29 a.m. at the American Airlines Arena steps. Participants should meet at Biscayne and NE Eighth Street. For more info, visit november-project.com.

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