Free Events This Week: Von Rydingsvard, Robleto, Charlier

We're not sure what's in the water this week, but something is making sure the visual arts take over in Miami. From cedar sculptures to paintings of soda pop cans, artistic renderings of the physical and the psychological can be found just about everywhere these next few days.

To those of you for whom art isn't a terribly engaging experience, fret not. There are still parties to attend and discussions on current events that welcome your presence. Regardless of what your personal inclinations may be, there are sure to be some free events this week that will tickle your fancy.


  • Sculpture: The works of Ursula von Rydingsvard, which tend to be monumental psychological pieces created from cedar beams, are on display at the Frost Art Museum.



  • Culture After Disaster: The first in a series of discussions, this talk centers on the cultural aspects of Haiti which were lost and those which survive after the 2010 earthquake. The Museum of Contemporary Art welcomes speakers such as Daniel Fils-Aim, Alexandra Barbot and Philippe Dodard.


  • Dario Robleto: Artist Robleto, whose work is featured in The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl, discusses music, DJ culture and the history of the recording process at the Miami Art Museum. DJ Keen One spins at the after party.
  • POP World Project: Markowicz Fine Art presents Claude Charlier's latest paintings from his "Rubbish" series. By focusing on discarded drink cans, Charlier promotes the beauty of the cans and bottle caps that we remember from way back when.

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