Free Events This Week: Poison Bliss, Out of Place, Eclipse

Ah, the lazy days of summer. So close, yet so far away. This coming month sees Mother's Day, the end of school for many younglings, and the eternal temptation of the beach. To be stuck inside on days like these is agony; to be stuck inside working is even worse.

No need to keep banging your head on that keyboard, though. Whether you're trapped in a stuffy office or not, you can always escape to some cool free events.

There is a slew of new art installations around town, a few of which we've highlighted for your benefit. Plus, the Secretary of State under Clinton (anyone? anyone?) is holding a book signing, and there is more than one dance party that begs for your attendance. Read on!


  • Poison Bliss: Ted Vasin's gripping paintings, showing at 101/exhibit, merge grayscale with flamboyant colors to create oddly realistic images that are worth seeing.
  • Camp Ricochet: Free pizza and trivia contests combine with great music at Ricochet to bring you back to the good ol' days of summer camp.
  • Hi Fi Tuesday: WVUM's reigning DJ Laura of Miami spins at The Corner.

  • Out of Place: You probably haven't seen anything like Mastermind winner Christy Gast's burlap sculptures on exhibit at Gallery Diet. Who knew they could be used for anything besides holding potatoes and sack racing?
  • 1Love Wednesday: Get yourself over to Ricochet one more time for reggae and dancehall DJs through the night.

  • Eclipse: Hannes Bend's show at Charest-Weinberg uses tires retrieved from the Osborne Reef to powerfully demonstrate the negative effect people can have on their environment.

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Kathleen Halliday earned an MA in electronic communication and publishing from University College London. While she was living in the UK, she met her husband, who patiently listens to her wax poetic about literature and crime shows.