It's officially not psycho to start celebrating Halloween.
It's officially not psycho to start celebrating Halloween.

Free Events This Week in Miami: The Phantom of the Opera, S'mores, and Halloween

Welcome to Hallo-week 2015, Miami! Our guide to free fun this week comes with two goals: One, to balance the budget that has been totally tapped by your totally badass Halloween costume; and two, to sneak in some culturally relevant events to even out the booze beating your brains are about to take this weekend. 

We've got the arts, movies, fashion, and yes, some Halloween spice to top it off. Happy hunting!


  • MADA Talks with Todd Levin at Mindy Solomon Gallery: Director of Levin Art Group, Levin will delve into the current conditions of the international market where the price and value of works fluctuate heavily and seem disconnected from the body of work itself. 
  • Human Rights Violations in Venezuela at MDC Wolfson Campus: Political and social activist Carlos Vecchio will discuss the turmoil in Venezuela and his role as senior deputy to Leopoldo López, the main opposition leader to the country's current government.
Scot Sothern, Baby Boomer, 2011, 11 x 17 inches, pigment print
Scot Sothern, Baby Boomer, 2011, 11 x 17 inches, pigment print
Courtesy Mindy Solomon Gallery


  • "The Way We See It" at Mindy Solomon Gallery: The gallery's latest exhibition features photography by Scot Sothern and Muir Vidler, who exemplify the photographer as observer and reporter by choosing subjects that are unique and authentic, living lives that exist in some instances outside of the cultural mainstream.


  • The Phantom of The Opera at Soundscape: Catch Joel Schumacher's soaring film adaptation of Andrew Lylod Webber's most famous musical.
  • Storytelling to Change the World at FIU Graham Center Ballrooms: This daylong event features various speakers and organizations showcasing multimedia work that is making a difference in our world. 
  • Cuban Literature in Exile at FIU Graham Center Ballrooms: This Spanish lecture by award-winning writer Zoé Valdés will focus on recent literary trends, works, and authors of Cuban origin living outside the Island.



  • Pumpkin Carving at Better Days Miami: Sip pumpkin moonshine as your carve the shit outta some squash. 
  • Ordinary Boys at Gramps: The Smiths/Morrissey tribute band kicks off Gramps' Halloween festivities with music, free candy, and special guest DJ Ray Milian spinning classic alternative, new wave, and spooky sounds on the patio dance floor.
  • Los Caprichos de Goya-Dalí at CCEMiami: Today is the last day to catch this series of original etchings by Goya and Dalí. 
  • Nerds & Schoolgirls Halloween Eve Party at Wall Miami: Dress like a square and score.

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