Free Events This Week in Miami: Pool Parties, Hunger Games, and Ricky Martin

Mother's Day is a costly tradition: Buying her love and staving off that bad-seed guilt takes a lot of capital. Whether you successfully brought Mom a smile or not, you'll never see that flower money again. Now that the holiday is over, you can get back to the fun irresponsibility that makes up your day-to-day. And thanks to us, you can do a big chunk of it for free. 


  • Fashion Project at Bal Harbour Shops: Join Jake Yuzna at Neiman Marcus at noon, and catch him again at Books & Books in the evening for lectures on the increasing relationship between fine art and indoor mall spaces. 
  • Purple Rain at Shirley's: Purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.




  • Splash Pool Party at National Hotel: Get wet with the ladies of Aqua Girl during the organization's annual festival. 
  • Big Night in Little Haiti at Little Haiti Cultural Complex: Celebrate Haitian Heritage Month with music from Anbyans and the exhibit "Maison Gingerbread: Haiti’s Living Architecture."

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Shelly Davidov