Art Basel Miami Beach

Free Events This Week in Miami: Basel Edition

December is upon us, which means hello Basel madness, goodbye any semblance of a normal life. The five straight days of art-related raucousness and aesthetic oddities you've been waiting for since 2013 have almost arrived, ready to shower you in champagne and questionable choices.

And despite the fact that there are more billionaires in town than palm trees at the moment, there's still plenty of stuff for us mere mortals to do, no black Amex required.

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  • Basel House at 2250 NW Second Ave.: Pop into this pop-up lounge featuring live painting by the likes of street artists Greg Mike, Claw Money, Cope2, Kue Molly, Monorex and 2wenty. Plus, you can try your hand at street art -- because if Atomik can own oranges, why can't you rock smiley faces?
  • Wednesday

  • The Beauty of Art at Browne's & Co.: Stop in for a glass of vino, a dry mani and a look at works by Purvis Young and Gary Feinberg. Because you have to look your best for Basel week.
  • Ink Miami Art Fair at Suites of Dorchester: Not all art fairs carry hefty price tags. Get a gander at all kinds of modern and contemporary works on paper at this unique annual event.
  • Thursday

  • Beauty Box at ArtCenter 924 Building: ArtCenter alumna Cat Del Buono and her ReFemme team will offer free "consultations" as one of their totally engaging social interruption campaigns. Because implants and collagen are SO overrated.
  • North of Modern at Midpoint Miami (NE 79th Street and Biscayne): Check out art by the likes of Eleazar Delgado, Deborah Gray Mitchell, Ivan Castillo and lots of other notable local artists, all curated by Joshua Kingston and on display in a pop-up gallery.
  • British Knights Basel After Party at Freehand Miami: This post-party party will celebrate the relaunch of NYC-based shoe and streetwear company British Knights. Since it's Basel week, there'll be art by Mwanel Pierre-Louis and music from DJ Daai Lo and DJ Aliyo.
  • Friday

  • NADA Art Fair Miami Beach at Deauville Beach Resort: Check out the annual installment by NADA, a non-profit arts organization dedicated to helping foster new contemporary artists.
  • Auto Body at Giant Motors: Auto Body and Paint Shop: This four-day video and performance art project features some of Miami's most eclectic artists, including Agustina Woodgate, Naomi Fisher and Antonia Wright, among others.
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