Free Events This Week: Everglades, Free Wine & FitCamp

If you're extra special and super duper lucky, you've got today off, and you're basking on a beach somewhere instead of sitting trapped in a cube. We can't help but think that's the way Abe Lincoln would have wanted it.

But whether you're slaving away in the salt mines or blissfully free, you've still got a fresh week ahead and lots of time to make the most of it. Spend your off hours engaging in some free fun all over the city. At least you have something to look forward to.


Free admission at PAMM: In honor of prezes past, our city's newest ode to all things art is opening its doors to the unwashed masses.

Free entrance to Everglades National Park: Also in honor of Abe and his cronies, the Everglades is opening its metaphorical door for gator-watching, bike riding and fresh air-breathing galore.

Free wine at Whole Foods South Beach: We can't think of a better way to honor our past and present leaders than by getting sauced.


Free fit camp class on Miami Beach: Get your sweat on and learn a thing or two about what to put in your precious bod.

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