Free Events This Week: ArtOfficial, Slap & Tickle, Lillian Bassman

Nobody likes a Monday. As you read this, we are wishing we hadn't vowed to give up caffeine and pinching ourselves periodically to stay awake through yet another TPS report.

But regardless of your work woes, at least summer is starting to show itself -- via the ungodly heat and afro-inducing humidity. That's a plus, right?

Thankfully, the impending mugginess of this week is accompanied by new art installations, hip-hop shows, film screenings, and poetry nights. Best of all, they're -- you guessed it -- 100 percent free.



  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off: After studying footage of the Cubs game in the film, someone discovered last week that the actual date Ferris and Cameron played hooky was June 5, 1985. Celebrate a little early by attending a free showing of the classic at SoundScape Park.
  • Scapes: Lynne Golob Gelfman's latest abstract paintings adorn the Frost Art Museum. Stop by and revel in her Dune series and more.


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Kathleen Halliday earned an MA in electronic communication and publishing from University College London. While she was living in the UK, she met her husband, who patiently listens to her wax poetic about literature and crime shows.