Free Events This Week: ArteAmericas, Beethoven, Brian Trainor

The famously handsome Robert Redford stars in a Soundscape Park presentation
​March doesn't get enough credit. After the excitement of the New Year and the exhilaration (or bitter disappointment) of Valentine's Day, people tend to forget about the good March has to offer. Not only can we exploit the Irish people while getting shitfaced on green beer this month, but it also includes such popularly celebrated days as the Ides of March, Multiple Personality Day and If Pets Had Thumbs Day. (No, really).

The aforementioned holidays may not be terribly enticing, but Miami is putting on so many cool events that this month still surges to the top of the list of Months with Most Things to Do Before Community Returns. Even if you don't have the money for Artopia or the attention span for the Film Festival, plenty of other cultural ventures are available to entertain you and your friends. And as luck would have it, they're completely free.



    The Natural: This week's a href="">SoundScape Park movie showing, adapted from the novel of the same name, is the dramatic story of a talented baseball player (Robert Redford) whose bright future is stalled due to a tragic shooting.
  • Beethoven on the Beach: The only thing better than listening to Beethoven at Pinecrest Gardens is listening to Beethoven at Pinecrest Gardens for free.

  • La Traviata: SoundScape Park transitions to more operatic themes with this classic featuring the esteemed Placido Domingo.
  • Brian Trainor: Black-and-white photos by the Everglades' artist-in-residence are on exhibit at Homestead Art Space.

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