Free Events This Week in Miami: Retro Couture, Hernan Bas, and Pantsuit NationEXPAND
Photo by Karli Evans

Free Events This Week in Miami: Retro Couture, Hernan Bas, and Pantsuit Nation

Happy Monday, Miami. This week brings plenty of events, and the best part is they're all free. Enjoy what's new in town, from a free screening of fashion documentary Retro Couture to Words & Wine and Books & Books' Pantsuit Nation book release gathering.
Retro Couture: A film by Christopher Rapalo at Jewish Museum of Florida
7 p.m. Tuesday, May 9
Catch a screening of Retro Couture, a documentary detailing Miami's tangled history as one of the nation's leading clothing-manufacturing meccas and its journey to reviving its name in the industry. Created by Christopher Rapalo, the film follows five local pioneers in the business: C. Madeleine's, Keni Valenti, Simonett Pereira, Allison Sagehorn, and Lauren Arkin. After the screening, Rapalo will be joined by Madeleine and Richard Kirsh from C. Madeleine’s to discuss vintage and retro fashions.

Free Events This Week in Miami: Retro Couture, Hernan Bas, and Pantsuit NationEXPAND
Photo by Nikki Bravo

Words & Wine With WomanMay at the Wynwood Yard
8 p.m. Wednesday, May 10
Words & Wine has been mixing the earthy arts with alcoholic beverages for quite some time. Having moved to the Wynwood Yard, it's changing up its format a bit, but will still offer bands, open mike, live acts, and a jam session. This month's edition will offer the soulful sounds of WOMANMAY and house music spun by Ephniko. If you're a fan of the expressive arts, are a talented juggler, or appreciate a good old-fashioned drum circle with drink specials, Words & Wine is keeping Miami grounded in the good feels of creativity.

Hernan Bas Lecture at Palm Court
7 p.m. Thursday, May 11
Even though much of his work is inspired by Victorian-era occult and gothic romanticism, Hernan Bas exposes himself as a Miami native in the lush compositions and lurid colors of his paintings. The artist recently has been working in Detroit, but Bas will head back south for a talk at the Institute of Contemporary Art for its ICA Speaks series. His most recent exhibition, "Florida Living," is a nod to his tropical upbringing. Attendees must RSVP.

Free Events This Week in Miami: Retro Couture, Hernan Bas, and Pantsuit Nation
Photo by Kennedy Carroll, theripple.org

Pantsuit Nation Book Release at Books & Books
8 p.m. Thursday, May 11
Aside from being a generally poor fashion choice, pantsuits were once a symbol of hope — at least for about 3 million women who vowed to wear them to the polls on Election Day last year. We've come a long way since then, but the movement sparked by the Pantsuit Nation Facebook group is still up and running. Pantsuit Nation: The Book is a collection of stories from folks resisting the current establishment. To celebrate its release, Books & Books is inviting some of the book's contributors to speak at a reception to include resource-sharing and community action.

Artful Playdates at the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum
10:30 a.m. Saturday, May 13
Make learning fun through singing, art-making, and role-playing with friends and family during an hourlong session at the Frost Art Museum. Incorporating art, math, music, science, technology, and engineering, each gathering is free and open to the public.

Free Events This Week in Miami: Retro Couture, Hernan Bas, and Pantsuit Nation
Photo by Derek P. Wilson

Beer Brawl at Lincoln's Beard Brewing Co.
6 p.m. Saturday, May 13
Art appreciation is missing the thrill of spectator sports, so why not combine the two? That's basically the idea behind WallBrawl — a competitive painting event that pits several artists against one another for cash prizes and street cred. This round of paint-to-the-death — Beer Brawl — will see Barbara De Varona, Alissa McCrimmon, Gabriel Bocanegra, and Wilson Rivera painting 30-by-40-inch canvases in 90 minutes or less for your viewing pleasure. Drink craft beer, vote on the best painting, and even purchase a piece for yourself to support local arts and breweries simultaneously.

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