Free Events in Miami This Week: Local Music, Bikes on the Beach, and the Global Grit Film Fest

Free Events in Miami This Week: Local Music, Bikes on the Beach, and the Global Grit Film Fest
Amadeus McCaskill
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You've made it through Memorial Day weekend with a few great stories and a negative sign in front of your checking balance. We can't tell you how to rebalance your budget, but we can give you some gentle suggestions for ways to spend your week that won't force you to sell your blood to pay for that avocado toast. There's a bevy of tunes, a night of otherworldly performance art, and motorbike badassery all at your disposal. Use it wisely, Miami.

Bob Marley and Peter Tosh Tribute
at Churchill's Pub
9 p.m. Tuesday, May 30
Everyone loves Bob Marley, even music nerds who roll their eyes at people who still jam to Legend. Yeah, the album is basic in a way, but his classic tunes are so beautiful, both lyrically and melodically, that they will never lose their magic. That's why Churchill's will host a tribute show for Marley and his co-parent in the raising of reggae, former Wailer Peter Tosh. Presented by All Folk'd Up, the Bob Marley and Peter Tosh Tribute includes a pretty long list of performers: St. James, Reverend Ron, Cyril, Lonewolf OMB, Victorious Eye, and Gatoe.

Pans Permia at Bardot
11 p.m. Wednesday, May 31
Most live shows are pretty straightforward - there's a band with some people playing instruments and some lights pointed at them so you can see them playing their instruments. Unless you're watching Mili Vanilli, the sounds coming out of the speakers typically match what the musicians are doing live on stage, which proves (or disproves) their musicianship. Now throw all that out the window, because a Pans Permia show is totally different. With a lush orchestration of live instrumental loops, layered vocals, and video projections, this is bound to be more than just the background music to whiskey Wednesday.

Free Events in Miami This Week: Local Music, Bikes on the Beach, and the Global Grit Film Fest (4)EXPAND
courtesy of Standard Spa, Miami Beach

Standard Sounds: Jazz Lounge with Electric Kif at Standard Spa
8 p.m. Thursday, June 1
If you're a regular at Lagniappe or went to the Coconut Grove Arts Festival this year, then you're probably already familiar with Electric Kif's funk-tinged jazz rock. The international foursome put out a new album only two months ago and have been bouncing between shows on the East coast and in our beloved city in the mean time. If you're looking for a relaxed night of sonically soothing cosmic soul, look no further than this month's edition of the Jazz Lounge at Lido's.

Bikes on the Beach at North Beach Bandshell
11 a.m. Saturday, June 3, and noon Sunday, June 4
If you see a larger-than-usual swarm of motorcycles cruising through North Miami Beach this weekend, don’t hide your wives and daughters: It’s just the show Bikes on the Beach. For two days, cruisers, baggers, and sport bikes will fill the enclave alongside motorcycle vendors, food trucks, music acts, raffles, and live engravings. If you have a competitive spirit, check out the bikini contest, the custom-bike competition, and the Baddest Bagger competition. So don your leathers and rev your engine: It’s bound to be a badass bike fest.

Free Events in Miami This Week: Local Music, Bikes on the Beach, and the Global Grit Film Fest (5)EXPAND
Monica McGivern

Girl's Club Offsite Performance: Nearing at ArtServe
6 p.m. Saturday, June 3
We're not alone out there. At least that's what decades of UFO sightings and conspiracy theories tell us. Those were the inspiration for Jen Clay's performance Nearing, a come-to-life imagining of alien creatures deciding to reach out to humans for the first time. Using costume, puppetry, sculpture, installation, and music, Clay and collaborator Elise Anderson have created an interactive show where the audience can feel what it's like to be the subject of obsession and invention.

Holly Hunt and Crud at Sweat Records
7 p.m. Saturday, June 3
Holly Hunt has made psychedelic-drone fans out of just about everyone with at least one working ear. Live, the duo is something to behold: a small, smiling drummer and a towering guitarist with an arsenal of pedals. Together they make slow, heavy music that lets you know you have a soul, because you can feel it quake when they play. Holly Hunt just released the aptly titled Sonic Titan, a two-song 12-inch, and hit the road with Crud, a death-doom foursome from Miami. Crud takes sludge to new depths via songs such as the brutal but still amusingly titled “Steve Buscemi's Eyes.” Back from tour, the bands will play an all-ages Sweat Records concert to show the kids how it's done.

from The Theory of Optimal ControlEXPAND
from The Theory of Optimal Control
Avi Glick at the University of Southern California

Global Grit Film Festival at Lincoln's Beard Brewing Company
7 p.m. Saturday, June 3
If you decide to be an artist, you're expected to put up with constant rejection. After seeing countless film festivals charge hefty submission fees only to reject entries and give no explanation, the folks at the Global Grit Film Festival decided to do things a little differently. While keeping fees low, the group gave feedback to all entrants, including why films were or weren't selected. At this event, you can simply sit back and reap the benefits of their labor with the first-ever screening of the festival's selections. Five films, tasty beer, and the heartwarming exchange of support among emerging artists? Yes, please.

Free Events in Miami This Week: Local Music, Bikes on the Beach, and the Global Grit Film Fest (3)
courtesy of Brotherly Love Productions

The Heavy Pets at Wynwood Yard
9 p.m. Saturday, June 3
The Heavy Pets easily win the title for best band name. The moniker conjures images of the good old days when you did sexy stuff in secret and  furry animals that live with you. What’s not to love? The Fort Lauderdale jam band is always working, though it almost never plays in Miami. The quintet launched its sound at local crowds when tunes off its 2007 double-disc, Whale, hit Sirius airwaves. They're still touring like mad ten years later. Get ready to dance like there's no one watching — because that’s how you have to dance to a jam band — when the Heavy Pets play for free at the Wynwood Yard.

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