Early on in Forrest Shaw's comedy career, a guest spot at the Improv put him in front of an enthusiastically unappreciative crowd. He told us, "When you first start out, all your jokes are about masturbating." While telling a joke on the sensitive subject, hand moving back and forth in the air, he found out the hard way that there's nothing worst than being booed while masturbating.

Forrest Shaw Brings Comedy Night to Elwoods Gastropub

His biweekly comedy night at Elwoods Gastropub probably won't feature a lot of jerking off jokes. It's not an open mic night for amateurs. It's for locals. As the host, Shaw brings in people who are funny and have an act. 

He said he'd like people to leave thinking, "that was better than what I expected." Owned by a Brit and his American wife, Elwoods is a family run business which is taking part in the revitalization, or vitalization for that matter, of downtown Miami. Having done stand-up at such odd spots as a line dancing bar before, Shaw knew that not every location is good for comedy, but the night at Elwoods has become a very popular one, short, and sweet. 

Shaw's been doing comedy for six years, but has been obsessed since he was a kid. He used to "sneak all the videos and watch all the ones I wasn't supposed to," he mentioned a few of his favorites were George Carlin, Gary Shandling, and Eddie Murphy. 

He didn't start doing stand up until he was 32, and now tours around the country, making a full-time living as a funny-man. Formerly a marine biologist, he mentioned, "I have biology, environmental slant to a lot of my act." Shaw was part of the Organic Comedy Tour, which he noted was "a sarcastic, cynical look at the green movement." 

Shaw describes his humor as self-deprecating, dark, and sarcastic. He takes a cynical look at what's going on around here. He said it's kind of like, "we're all going to die, so stop being a dick." Truer words, truer words. 

Catch the comedy night at Elwoods (188 NE Third Ave., Miami) on the first and third Tuesday of every month from 7:30 to 10 p.m. This Tuesday, you can laugh at or with comedians Lisa Correo, Ivan Hernandez, Richie Lala, Jessica Gross, Adrian Mesa, and Freddy Stebbins. Visit the Elwoods Facebook page.

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