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Former Dolphins Cheerleader and Paddleboard Miami Owner on Survivor Nicaragua

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New Times: Well, hello Ms. Brenda. We're so glad to see a Miami girl on this season of Survivor. Are you from here originally or are you a transplant?
Brenda Lowe: I am a transplant. I moved here when I was about six from Spain and have been here ever since. I never plan on leaving!

So, we know you own Paddleboard Miami. How do you go from beauty queen/Dolphins cheerleader to Paddleboard expert?
I have always been really active. I love sports. When I got into paddleboarding, I organized a group to find others who did it. When I started, the first event 15 people showed up with no boards. So I decided to buy five boards and rent them out. And it grew from there.

What made you want to try out for the show?
I went in confident not only because I am athletic and sporty, but also I really enjoy everything they do on the show. For me, I watch the show and all the competitions, and I would, be like "Wow. I would kick ass doing that!" I knew I loved the water, puzzles, jumping around, and for me, believe it or not, I always thought this show would be a good time. I went in with the attitude that this was going to be a blast.

Have you watched every season of Survivor?
Yes. I am fan of the show; I knew I could do it. I figured I would try and be like, "Lets just see what happens." Next thing you know I went, I am back, and it's starting tonight. It all went by so fast.

Did you have a strategy going in?
My game plan was just take it second-by-second.  People say take it day-by-day, but over there you have to take it second-by-second. You have no idea what to expect. You have to play it by ear with the challenges, days, everything. My game plan was to do my best, have a blast, make my parents proud, and to kick ass. I really wanted to win.

Did Miami's insane heat help you prepare for the show?
Hell yeah. We're really not that far away from Nicaragua. It's less than a three hour plane ride. I was used to paddle-boarding and everything was tropical there. I went in pretty prepared.

From the preview, it looks gorgeous there. What was it like?
It's very tropical, exotic. There are monkeys everywhere! There are wild animals that you would bump into - it is a jungle! You're placed on the beach in this tropical country.  It was so hot. It rained a lot. It was perfect for the show. When you go on Survivor, you can't expect a vacation. You have to take everything that comes with it.

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