Fools of Fashion Clothing Line Brings Street Style to Locals

We just finished with Swim Week. Fashion Week comes at the end of winter/start of spring. And everyday in the Magic City seems like an exercise in a city-wide catwalk - what with all the fashionistas strutting around with mostly ridiculous duds. But what if you're a regular Joe who likes to look good in casual but cool threads. Is it possible to be stylish without looking like a fool? Well, no. So embrace it.

That's what a trio of Miami jokers did when they founded the Fools of Fashion clothing label. But label might be too strong a wrong word. These cats design simple T-shirts, maybe with cut off sleeves, and a tank top or two for the ladies. The prints are cool, but not too much on the experimental fashion tip. And that's the point. We hit the team up with some questions to see what their brand of everyman threads was all about. Make the jump to read our Q&A:

Cultist: Who is behind Fools of Fashion? Should we read anything into the name?  

Fools of Fashion: J, Josh and Fern. The name is pretty self explanatory don't you think?


Is there an underlying philosophy running through your threads?

Yeah don't follow the rest strive to be the best.


Where can we find Fools of Fashion clothing? What's the size of your


www.foolsoffashion.com. It's pretty much just us three


Is there a particular segment of the population you are targeting or

that you think will appreciate your garments? (And don't say those who

are fools of fashion, just kidding, you can say that if you want. Who's

answering these dumb questions anyway, the dumb interviewer or FOF?)

FOF is for every genre... hip hop, punk, dub step, skaters, graffiti

artists, bboys and everyone else who's tired of the same old shit.


What are your aspirations for the brand? Do you hope to be headlining

fashion shows in Milan next year or get a display at Target or just have

something to tell mom and pops when they say you haven't done anything

with your life?

Were actually planning on taking mom and pops to Milan for our show and then come back and buy a couple Targets.


What's the worst Miami fashion trend you've seen lately? The best? 

Popped collars and plaid shorts. Duh, Fools Of  Fashion.


How would you describe the FOF style?

Fresh, chill, and all about doing your thing to the fullest.


What's with those cut off sleeves? Don't dudes like to keep their pit

hair under wraps? Or is this like a men's version of feminism - we ain't

shaving. Deal with it!

You know those punk kids and their cut off tees... Real men shouldn't shave their pits anyway.


On your Facebook page, there's a lot of shots of people in bars and pool halls donning your threads. What's that about?

That's all the FOF fam and those are just our common stomping grounds.

Who comes up with designs? How did you come up with that monkey logo? 

Why not a lemur? (that's a trick question because lemurs are monkeys, we


The three of us collaborate on all the designs. We were just fooling

around one day with ideas and it came about. What are you crazy? A lemur

with a bowtie?!!


What's your favorite word or phrase to describe clothes: threads,

garments, apparel, duds, ensemble, costume, attire, nakedness covers, or

something else?

Fern: Superman suit. Josh: Fly attire(body mask). J:

Get ups.


Who is the coolest person ever to wear FOF merch? (we hate when people say merch, wait, does anybody actually say merch?)

Wrekonize from Mayday actually wore an FOF tee in his remix video for

look at me now. Also Steve Lemme from Super Troopers has some of our

gear out in Cali. And we actually think we're the coolest to wear our


Check out Fools of Fashion at www.foolsoffashion.com.

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