Floatopia: South Beach Innertube Ocean Party Rescheduled UPDATED

Due to the unfortunate influence of Isaac, Floatopia has been postponed until September 8. 

Rarely have we met an "-opia" we didn't like. After all, utopias comes in many forms, and we'll take the promised land however it chooses to present itself.

Now, a new version of Eden is about to hit Miami in the guise of Floatopia, a giant gathering of buoyant partygoers.

On Saturday, September 8, adventurous souls will take to the waters of South Pointe Park on flotation devices far more interesting than your average airplane cushion.

Started in 2004 in Santa Barbara, California, Floatopia has been growing in popularity amongst fun-lovers nationwide. Basically, people in various cities gather en masse to float on rafts, home-made contraptions, and anything else that doesn't sink. Then the action concludes with a beach party.

One of the organizers for the Miami event told us she had the idea after experiencing a similar party in Virginia Beach over July 4th. "It's something fun and different. Miami has a lot of bouncers, clubs, etc., but nothing like this."

Floatopias go down in cities as diverse as San Diego, Honolulu, and Las Vegas, but Miami still hadn't popped its cherry -- until now. Popular with college students and not so popular with some of those cities' local residents (and police), this beach bash is traditionally free and non-discriminating. That's the plan for Miami Floatopia, too.

Attendees can bring anything they choose to float on, but the bigger, the better, as the larger floats can be strung together to create one giant party barge.

Frankly, we can't believe it took this long for the party to arrive. Floating the waters of South Beach with friends, new acquaintances, and a handy-dandy cupholder? That's right up Miami's alley.

The party kicks off at 10 a.m. at South Pointe Park on Saturday, September 8. Interested partygoers can learn more about the event at the Floatopia Miami Facebook page.

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