Flashback: Brüno in Miami Beach

For a movie we're all probably going to see anyway, the promotion for Brüno is kind of getting annoying and ubiquitous. From landing ass up on Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards, to appearing nude on the latest GQ cover, to showing up in Barcelona yesterday in an anatomically correct bull suit, you'd think that Sascha Baron Cohen is selling an out-and-out "let's all laugh at the weird Euro-gays" movie, without a hint of the smart comedy it probably is. 

For a reminder of that, we've found a clip from Season 2 of Da Ali G Show where Brüno hits up South Beach ("The hottest club scene in the whole world. Big deal, I've been here four times already.") First he interviews club owner James Butler, and gets him to admit that he'd probably just ignore someone who rolled up to his club in a wheelchair, and then he says house music could have adverted the start of World War II. The only way house music could have done that is if Adolf Hitler was in a Berlin gay club and met a handsome Jewish boy while dancing to "Show Me Love."

Then Brüno heads up the door at Crobar, and won't let a man in despite his pleas that his shirt cost $250. 

Of course, Butler's club Nerve was so super hot that it shut down shortly after, re-opened as Angel Ultra Lounge, and is now Aero Bar. Crobar closed too, and re-opened as Cameo, and no one's really sure what's going on with that. The club names may change, but this bullshit attitude that Baron skewers stays the same.

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Kyle Munzenrieder

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