Five Tattoos You Will Regret Getting

When done right, tattoos are an ancient art form, which can display personality, beauty, passion, and experiences. They can have deep meaning and show a person's style and expression. And they're not just for bad-asses anymore.

And as the body art peaks in popularity, there are bound to be some fails. With tattoos, those fails are permanent -- unless you have the cash to get them removed. So think of the following list as a public service announcement. Here are five tattoos you will definitely regret:

5. The Prison Tattoo
These tattoos look as though your cell-mate took a break from terrorizing you so that he could ink you with a rudimentary tattoo.

photobucket piercerdave

4. Lover's Name Tattoos
We cannot begin to count the number of people we know

with tattoos in honor of lovers who soon become ex-lovers. It is a

fascinating concept, but we'd venture to say that this is probably

the most covered up or removed tattoo concept of all time.

photobucket proudchimp
Love You! See?

3. Unflattering Portrait Tattoos
We have seen some gorgeous tattoo portraits. When done correctly, with the

right artist, they can be some of the best work. On the flip side, if

you manage to land under the needle of a not-so-talented, possibly

intoxicated gun man...well, you see what can happen.

Photobucket paul3011

2. Face Tattoos

is on your face. Just be very careful what you put there, people tend to see that.

1. Guilty Pleasure Tattoos
We all have guilty pleasures: Britney Spear's first album, American

Idol, professional wrestling. These are things you're proud to enjoy

only behind closed doors. Problem is that when you get a little drunk,

your love for these indulgences becomes exaggerated. A couple mojitos later and branding yourself with a giant homage to one such guilty pleasure seems like the best idea you've ever had. (P.S. It's not.)

Photobucket piercerdave
Eternal Regret.

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