Five Shows We Wish Would Make an Arrested Development-like Comeback

FOX's cult-hit-turned-fan-favorite, Arrested Development, is returning to the airwaves for a victory lap season leading up to the grand finale feature film.

Word of an AD movie has long been buzzing on the interweb, so the added bonus of a full-season's worth of Bluth family catchphrases has us boiled over in excitement.

Not to mention, it's got us thinking about some other, short-lived TV shows we wouldn't mind seeing in place of the "reality" drivel clogging up our boob tube. Here are five TV shows we wish would make an Arrested Development-like combeback.

5. Andy Richter Controls the Universe

19 episodes /

March 2002 - January 2003

Despite being BFF with Conan O'Brien, Andy Richter's stab at a solo sitcom lasted but a paltry season. We appreciated this otherwise traditional sitcom for it's very pomo peaks inside Richter's subconscious, like a grown-up, goofball Doug.

4. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

24 Episodes / March 1992 - July 1993

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a completely goofy redux that forever marred one of our favorite childhood heroes. Indiana Jones doesn't mess with space, dude. He messes with (in this order): Nazis, Judeo-Christian magic stuff and vaguely-"ethnic," racistly-depicted "Orientals" and their monkey-brain eating, beating-heart clutching lifestyles. We would have much rather have seen a Young Indy reboot, a much more faithful interpretation of the Indiana Jones franchise.

3. The Critic

33 episodes / January 1994 - March 1995

You would think The Critic's DVD stats (hit #14 most sold on Amazon and five pressings) would have renewed the show a la Arrested Development, Family Guy, Futurama, and the rest. But it seems for the time being, we'll have to keep up with The Critic fan fiction if we want to see Jay Sherman skewer a loosely-veiled parody of Cowboys and Aliens

2. Twin Peaks

30 episodes / April 1990 - June 1991

Everyone knows that if ABC execs would have just backed off and let David Lynch do his thing, viewers could have a decade of bizarro characters, supernatural occurrences, and exceptionally dirty deeds. The show's prequel-feature film, Fire Walks With Me really got our appetite going for further exposition of the deep Twin Peaks mythology.

1. Seaquest 2032

12 episodes / September 1995 - June 1996

What's this? Twin Peaks is playing V.P. to ... Seaquest? We have always felt like the first season of Seaquest had everything that was great about Stark Trek, but underwater. But then the second season got all super-sci-fi / monster-of-the-week. Even Roy Schneider thought the scripts were stupid, hence his abrupt departure. Season three seemed like a fresh start: the show was refocusing on international sea politics in the future. But our hopes to learn more about the techno-bureacracy of 2032 have been forever dashed.

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