Five Redneck Scenes from North Florida That'll Make You Grateful You Live in Miami

It's no secret that Florida is weird. Many a journalist, politician, reality TV watcher, and even your average Fark browser can attest to the fact that we're the weirdest state out of all 50. And while lots of bizarre crap goes down in South Florida (causeway face-eaters, anyone?), we'd argue that North Florida is even more odd in a backwoods-moonshine-monster-truck-roadkill-BBQ-mud-bog kinda way.

The proof is in the pictures. Check out these snapshots of stuff we spotted up north. It's nice to get out of town and into some gizards, every once in awhile.

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Yes, the driver was wearing camo. Did you even need to ask?

Personally, I think the lack of shit brown-stained teeth is even more compelling.

They've got a Yelp page, if you're interested.

Talk about a one-stop shop. And Mike, proprietor of both drive-through liquor and pawn outposts, hopes you have a Happy New Year. What a guy.

Pig's tooters for everyone.

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