Five Other Famous Body Parts That Deserve Twitter Accounts

The 2012 Academy Awards are old news, but they have left us with at least one lasting legacy: @angiesrightleg.

The Twitter account written from the point of view of Angelina Jolie's leg, which her dress scandalously exposed during the red carpet and ceremony, boasts over 26,500 followers this morning -- 10,000 of whom subscribed by the end of the Oscars ceremony Sunday night.

Even by hokey Twitter parody standards, @angiesrightleg isn't all that entertaining. (Sample tweets: "Look at the leg!" "I'm a leg!!" "Check me out! Leg!!") Still, it's clear the market is ripe for celebrity body part Twitter feeds. There's also @JLosNipple, @CoopersMustache, and @EnriquesMole.

And why stop there? The list of celebrities with unique physical attributes that are easy to mock is unending. If you're considering getting into the business of objectifying the famous, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

There are a lot of decent singers and four celebrity judges on The Voice, but there are only two stars: Christina Aguilera's boobs, which are on prominent display every episode. Aguilera herself has even claimed they're the fifth judge. If Cee-Lo's cat gets its own Twitter account, why not the ta-tas?

Breaking news spreads faster on Twitter than anywhere else. And there's no hair more rapidly changing than Katy Perry's. It's like Hollywood's own threat level index color spectrum, to say nothing of its range of shapes and sizes. Sometimes there are blocks on it. These tweets pretty much write themselves.

Tyra Banks has long embraced her extra-tall forehead, nicknaming it her "fivehead." But as the former supermodel descends into insanity -- and make no mistake, that is exactly what is happening -- we'd like to read a few dispatches from the inside.

From Clint Eastwood's tiny eye slits comes a fury like no other. We're not sure the force of Eastwood's squint could be condensed into a mere 140 characters, but if it's possible, we'd follow that account for sure.

Ryan Gosling's lips might say "hey girl," but his stubble ... probably also says "hey girl."

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