Five More Old-School MTV Shows We'd Like to Revive

See MTV's House of Style is Coming Back.

MTV's programming execs sure are feeling nostalgic these days. First, they announce they're bringing House of Style back to TV, giving us all access to its extensive, 12-season archives in the process. (Way to exercise restraint by reading this blog post instead of mainlining those images of a young Cindy Crawford in shoulder pads, by the way.) Then, they let us know that they'll be airing original episodes of Daria next week. What's next?

No, seriously, what's next? Because we want more. These little nuggets of 1990s nostalgia have stirred up fond memories of our favorite shows from MTV's early years. So if you're out there, MTV President Stephen Friedman, thanks for the (rediscovered) memories. But let's get cracking on bringing these classics up to date, mmmkay?

The Week in Rock
What it was: Kurt Loder, the OG of the music news television correspondent world, hosted this program with up-to-the-minute details about albums, tours, and insane incidents in the insane lives of insane rock stars.
What it could be: Better than the E! bullshit Ryan Seacrest and Mario Lopez are filling our heads with these days.
Starring: Kurt Loder is old as dirt, but no one beats Kurt Loder. Imagine if musicians still had the shining beacon of at least a half-hour of Loder each week to inspire them not to suck. The would would be a better place. Bring back Kurt Loder. We need more Kurt Loder.

Aeon Flux
What it was: An animated ode to fetishes, violence, and sexy spies set in a dystopian vision of the future.
What it could be: Entertainment to satisfy ADD-addled generations in the years to come. (Early episodes ran just two to 5 minutes long, and always ended with Aeon's death.)
Starring: Charlize Theron hasn't gotten any less sexy since she played Aeon in the 2005 live action movie. And Alexander Skarsgaard has already made a career out of playing fetishy blond dudes; why not add Trevor to the list?

Remote Control
What it was: A tv game show about, well, tv, which gave us some of our first glimpses of Colin Quinn, Adam Sandler, and Denis Leary in bit parts.
What it could be: Like Jeopardy, with without that condescending ass Trebek.
Starring: With Best Week Ever under his belt and hair to match original host Ken Ober, who better than Paul F. Tompkins to host?

What it was: Dr. Drew, before Vh1 stole his soul, takes questions from callers with sex troubles. Adam Corolla snarks.
What it could be: Well, technically it still is -- on radio only. But Dr. Drew's prime for a TV rebirth. You're better than Sober House, Doctor!
Starring: As Dr. Drew's sidekick, Sarah Silverman would be funnier, grosser, and more of a man than Adam Corolla on his best day.

Singled Out
What it was: A raunchy romp of a dating show in which a crowd of prospective partners is pared down to one love match by host Chris Hardwick and a pre-Jim Carey, pre-nutso vaccine-ophobe Jenny McCarthy. (We're not even acknowledging the existence of the Carmen Electra season.)
What it could be: A version of The Choice that somebody might actually watch.
Starring: The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield might be the modern day's closest approximation of the dorky, enthusiastic Chris Hardwick. And though she fails the blonde test, Katy Perry's got enough bounce (in her personality and, um, elsewhere) to fill McCarthy's shoes.

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