Five Miami Motels So Ugly They're Awesome

In their heyday in the '40s and '50s, newly built Miami motels were ushering in a new era of tourist dollars and modern architecture. But, alas, a life of glamour and decadence seldom lasts. Left with only broken fences, worn facades, and missing lightbulbs where a glorious past once stood, these five motels are so washed up and tacky we can't help but love them.

See the cut for Cultist's tour of Miami's crumbling motel past.

1. Motel South Pacific (NE 63rd Street and Biscayne Boulevard)

The sign is so incredible that if there were a room nestled in every vowel, we'd probably stay there.

2. Jamaica Motel (SW Eighth St and SW 46th Avenue)

This tropical paradise is the stuff of legend. And by legend, we mean a super amazing short film.

3. Motel 4. Saturn Motel (NE 70th Street and Biscayne Boulevard)

So futuristic and retro at the same time that George Jetson's brain just exploded.

5. Sinbad Motel (NE 62nd Street and Biscayne Boulevard)

The original neon sign from the '50s was a demure blue. But we suspect the new owners are fans of '90s hit sitcoms.

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