Five Freaky Republican Presidential Candidates' Doppelgängers

The nationwide comedy tour known as the Republican presidential race is in Florida this week. Over several months, rich candidates have perfected the game of politics in their quest for the Republican Party's nomination and the chance to go up against President Barack Obama in November.

Promising horseshit disguised as budget cuts, job creation, national security, and the like, the remaining field of GOP presidential hopefuls has done little to wow audiences -- Rick Scott won't endorse anyone, Gingrich is banking on Jesus, and Obama is up 62-29 against Romney.

At least there's 2016. Right, Republicans?

But what about when this race is over? We've grown pretty attached to this quirky bunch of guys campaigning to be the next POTUS. Who'll make us laugh and cringe?

Well, there are always the Republican candidates' celebrity doppelgängers to make us smile.

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Victor Gonzalez
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