Five Dads Creepier and More Deadbeat Than Your Own Father

Dad might not have been to all your little league games (what with his busy "work" schedule) and he might not have been supportive initially when you told him you play for the pink team. Heck, maybe he even frittered away your college tuition with his penchant for the ponies. But at least he loved you, in his limited way.

Not everybody is so lucky. History is full of deadbeat dads, absent physically or emotionally. So ease up next time you want to rehash all your daddy issues, especially come Father's Day. This Sunday when it comes time to buy pop a polo shirt, or a round on the links, or even a car wash by strippers, remember -- dad could have been one of these following losers.

5. Tennis star Mary Pierce's father
Dads are notorious for driving their children too hard in sports, with tennis dad's being among the worst offenders. But the all time worst is probably Jim Pierce, father of former tennis star Mary Pierce. Jim was a control freak, bragged about how hard he worked his teenage daughter, and once yelled during a match, "Mary, kill the bitch!" about his daughter's 12-year old opponent.

4. Robert De Niro in This Boy's Life

Sure, he's a fictional character in a wholly underrated movie but This Boy's Life was

based on the memoir by author Tobias Wolff (portrayed by an adolescent

Leonardo DiCaprio) so we know the guy existed somewhere. He makes Mommy Dearest look like a model parent. "I see your spots leopard."

3. Michael Lohan
You know you're a terrible parent when your daughter is Lindsay Lohan and she's the more normal one between you two. Michael Lohan continues to be a fuck up and has been a career scumbag as a daddy. He's been trying to capitalize on his daughter's successes and riches since before she was a teenager. Did she ever really stand a chance at being anything but a train wreck? Let's just call Michael "Father Crotch" from now on.

2. The Dad Who Drops Daughter to Catch a Baseball

This dad probably thought he was being a caring father when he took his daughter to a baseball game earlier this year, and with great seats to boot. But then a foul ball was hit in his direction and he reverted to his uncaring single days by dropping his daughter to catch the ball. What's worse, he dropped it. And she wouldn't forgive him.

1. Woody Allen

Well, what's there left to say. The dude married his step daughter. No matter how much time passes bye and no matter what Soon Yi says, it's about the lowest dad move you could ever pull.

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