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Five Best Places in Florida for a Lesbian Wedding (Once It's Legal)

​Queers all over the states are cheering the fact that New York has legalized same-sex marriage, although, considering it is New York, you'd think they had jumped on the bandwagon before, oh, we don't know, Iowa, maybe?

Either way, it is a fantastic reason to celebrate (eight states down, only 42 more to go). As much as us Miamians are overjoyed for our Sapphic sisters up north, the fact that we live in Florida kinda wants to make us dive head first into a pint of Haagen Daz's Crème Brulee ice cream.

But, we do have hope that one day, us lesbians will be able to get married in the state we call home. In fact, we've already started planning the wedding. So in honor of our Best of issue, read on to see our top five spots for a lesbian wedding in Florida. (If you're a gay male, just read our guide from yesterday.)

5. The Biltmore Hotel
Besides the fact that this hotel is old school glam at its best, neither of you has to lift a finger if you decide to stay at the hotel after the ceremony. You can choose from different rooms for the wedding and you'll be treated like the goddesses you are. If either one of you is a princess, this could be your palace.

4. Disney
One of the first large-scale, mainstream venues to cater specifically to the LGBT community with its "Gay Disney" day during Pride month, this theme park is the perfect spot for two whimsical ladies to tie the knot. Maybe Minnie can officiate and the princesses serve as bridesmaids. Prince Charming, eat your heart out!

3. Cassadaga
This small town in central Florida has a very unique population. All residents are gifted mediums, psychics, tarot card readers, and so on. The town is uber-picturesque and has a huge lake bordering the town perfect for an by-the-shore wedding ceremony. Casadaga also features cozy little inns and bed & breakfasts to stay for your honeymoon after the wedding, and how much fun would it be to get real psychic readings with your wife-to-be and all your bridesmaids?

2. Fairchild Tropical Gardens
We know, we know! It's beautiful! And we don't have to argue about the floral arrangements. Seriously, having your wedding at this botanical beauty is like getting hitched at the Garden of Eden -- you know if Adam wasn't there to get drunk and belch.

1. Coral Gables Women's Club
This place seems like it was created for the sole purpose of hosting lesbian weddings. The name alone says it all. Well, not quite. The architecture is Gables-gorgeous, and the club features two halls -- one for those of us whose relatives will be coming to the wedding and one for those of us who expect a more intimate gathering. Plus, the walls are practically dripping with estrogen and the place just screams "girl-on-girl power."

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