Five Best and Most Outrageous Things at Florida Supercon

Florida Supercon took place this weekend, and we got to go [cue fan girl squeal]. But seriously, we've always wanted to go to a comic convention, because deep down we're total nerds. What we didn't realize was just how overwhelming Supercon could be. Everywhere you turn you're bombarded with colors, costumes, and merchandise.

We weren't sure whether to laugh or be excited. Some fanboys and fangirls were over the top, but their genuine happiness was really fun. Here are the five best, funniest, or most outrageous things we saw at Supercon:

5. Swords and knives

We understand the swords. They're a large part of the Japanese culture.

But the knives? There was an entire stall set up for selling these

blades. The best part was the hand written sign that said, "YOU MUST BE

18+ TO BUY WEAPONS." Yeah, that's a comfort.

4. The obscene amount of paraphernalia

It's enough to make your head spin. Beyond the comic books, there were

posters, costumes, dolls, toys, shot glasses, and custom art. We ran into

a teenager who told us, "I came planning to spend $100." Yikes. And it

seems like his budget was at the low end of the spectrum.

3. The crowds gathering to see Cary Elwes and the voices of Invader Zim

They actually had to redirect foot traffic when the Princess Bride star showed up at a

booth to sign autographs. Twice we had security guards stop us because

we weren't allowed up the aisle. And when the Invader Zim stars (Richad

Horvitz, Rikki Simons, and Melissa Fahn) sat down for a panel

discussion, you could hardly walk through the area. One girl drove down

from Orlando just to see them.

2. The costumes

These fangirls and boys mean business. Some of those costumes were more

elaborate than Halloween on Lincoln Road. There was hand-made robot

gear, inflatable suits, and body paint galore. Because if you're going

to go to Supercon, chances are you're the kind of person that's going to

go all out. Check out Florida Supercon's Best Dressed.

1. Japanese snacks

These sugary treats were everywhere at Supercon. There was Ramune,

soda sealed with a glass marble that needs to be pushed into the

bottle in order to drink. There was bubble gum that changes from sweet

to sour as you chew. The cookie rods that were for dipping into

chocolate and strawberry cream were the best though. They had English

words and descriptions printed on them, and typical of most

Japanese-English products, they were fairly ridiculous. Our favorite

read, "Bat - Flies In The Night."

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